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One of our best trips….eva!

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  • One of our best trips….eva!

    One year Tina decided she wanted to go to Washington DC. I was thrilled as she was not one for “long” trips. We would take the RV. Not too long before this a “long” trip was something not more than a couple of hours. Needless to say 2 hours puts a real crimp in any real traveling! So this needed to go really well!

    So off we went! We were very focused at making sure we had contacted our State Representative to get a tour of the Capitol and some other goodies which went down without a hitch. What we had not paid a lot of attention to was the fourth of July. We were so focused on the vacation and where we were going that we did not stop to think where we were going to be for the Fourth of July! The fourth had been an after thought with it being factored in as an extra day of vacation.

    After getting to the campground and getting set up it hit us. We're in Washington DC for the fourth of July! Are you kidding me? How could we be so blind!? We talked to the campground staff and they told us that the best thing to do was to go in to Washington before lunch, bring a blanket and stuff to make you comfortable and find a spot on the Mall. There would be thousands of people who will be doing the same thing.

    Washington’s Metro is clean, quiet and everyone seemed pretty friendly, although busy. From Cherry Hill Camping resort we took the Green line, changed trains to the Red line and got off at the Navy Memorial (A fine place to visit I must say!). We crossed Pennsylvania Avenue and headed to the grass, our son Brandon in tow. We took turns going to see different things while the other had “Blanket Duty”.

    The campground staff was right. There were many, many people doing the same thing. But many never bothered to stay with the blanket. They staked it down and left. One couple next to us came at about 2pm, staked a blanket and left. We didn’t see them again until 8pm. If I thought I could have got away with it, I would have done the same! But being new to this, we stuck with our plan. We made the most of the day, saw some of the museums and had a picnic dinner. All in all the day was pretty relaxing.

    Finally the sun set, it was getting dark and the U.S. Army band began playing Patriotic tunes from the Capitol steps. Large speakers made it easy to hear them. People were tossing balls and frisbees, the occasional jogger went buy and there were people selling all sorts of things. Balloons, sunglasses, ice cream, you name it. Before long the fireworks began. It had to be the finest firework display I have ever witnessed. The music, the colorful bursts illuminating the sky behind the Washington Monument, reflecting off of smiling faces. It was a truly a wonderful evening.

    Getting back was not a problem either. The multitudes of people headed to the Metro taking buses or subway back to their homes. Before we knew it we were whisked from the Navy Memorial to the Green Line and back to College Park. A short walk to the truck and 2 miles back to the campground…done. Beautiful! Climbing into the camper it didn't take us long, we slept like rocks. The rest of the visit was fantastic too, almost as good as the fireworks.

    We have visited 2 more times since and it has been great each time. But they have paled in comparison to that first trip and that Fourth of July on the Mall.
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    DC is one of my favorite places to visit! So many things to see. Just wish they had better parking!!! Our last visit we stayed at a KOA on the northeast side and rode the Metro.
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      It is a great place! Noticed you have the 3811MS which my DW has been lusting after! How do you like it?!

      Fifth Wheel: 2015 Montana 3750FL Tow Vehicle: 2013 Ford F350 6.7L Lariat, Crew Cab. Eric and Tina


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        Oh no...... Eric has been done in by a 3811MS. Poor guy.

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          Fifth Wheel: 2015 Montana 3750FL Tow Vehicle: 2013 Ford F350 6.7L Lariat, Crew Cab. Eric and Tina