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Painless pine pitch removal

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  • Painless pine pitch removal

    While staying at a campground in northern NH we ended up with a site that was situated under a Bull Pine. What I had not noticed was that pitch was dripping onto the nose and front left slide. There was a lot of it. I tried several cleaners with less than stellar results. Several days went by and now the stuff was crusty.

    This was in my opinion, pretty bad. It was an eye sore, being a bit OCD on appearance it was really bothering me. I started thinking about things that would dissolve sap. Thinking the mildest possible thing to start with like soap with and leading all the way up to Acetone I cringed at the thought of what a stripper like Acetone would do.

    Soap wasn't going to touch this stuff. In my tool box in the camper I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer. this was good stuff with moisturizer and a clean fresh scent.

    I put a dime sized drop on one of the drools of pitch and it nearly all rubbed off with little effort. OOOH! I squeezed a quarter sized dollop onto a terry cloth rag and applied that in a rubbing motion and it dissolved and removed the pitch again with next to no effort. YES! I used a larger quantity and began cleaning the nose in 1 - 1 1/2 foot square areas at a time. I finished with a clean rag with hand sanitizer on it to remove any residue. It came out spotless. I was very impressed! It literally took me about 30 minutes when I got going to get it all done.

    My efforts resulted in a perfectly clean, moistured, and pleasant smelling nose cap.

    I tackled the rest of any pitch I could find, washed the unit and applied McGuire’s wax to the nose of the fifth wheel.


    Hopefully if you ever run into Pine Sap, you'll remember this. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

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    Great tip Egregg57!

    I've used Acetone, turpentine and Bug and tar remover. Your not going to hurt the finish if you wipe on and wipe off quickly. I've used Acetone for years with no ill effects. What you are doing is stripping off all dirt, oils and wax. With use of any wax stripper you need to apply a cleaner wax over the areas to restore that protective layer that's needed.
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      I've used a few different chemicals on the Monty some of them I will not mention, with no ill affects that I can see. But like Oil Stain says, follow up with waxing the area cleaned.

      So far I haven't found any that I regretted using.
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        Bought some hand sanitizer yesterday and that stuff does work like magic. Thanks for the great tip.


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          You're welcome! I just used some too, to get some pitch off the hood of my truck. Not sure where I picked that up!
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            keeps the germs off your hands also
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