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The Montana RV Rovers logo and design protocol.

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    The Montana RV Rovers logo and design protocol.

    To all of our members,

    Recently there has been a misunderstanding in regard to The Montana RV Rovers logo and design. This was brought to my attention when the new T-shirt thread was posted.

    The Montana RV Rovers logo and design are not public domain. Its likeness is not to be used or to be applied to any merchandise without specific written permission of the Administrator of The Montana RV Rovers forum.

    Due to our affiliation with Keystone, the desire for standardization, the importance of quality and appearance, please do not replicate the forum logo or design.

    I did not anticipate it being necessary to post this information, however a matter of late did indeed require that this notification be made.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you for understanding,

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    Scott L.
    2012 Ram 3500 Dually LongHorn
    2014 3402RL Legacy Edition