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I would like to have your Feedback For the 2018 Acadia Rally!!

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    I would like to have your Feedback For the 2018 Acadia Rally!!

    Good afternoon folks!

    I am fresh back from a great time spent in Acadia last week. Well, it was pretty good for me. If you went how was the rally for you?

    1. Acadia was a bucket list item
    2. Weather in Downeast Maine in August is excellent.
    3. Tina and I had the benefir of being here before and knew the lay of the land
    4. Campground accomodated our larger units well.
    5. Bar Harbor Lobster Bake was excellent.
    6. Keystone paid for Dinner, Thanks again Mark Krol.
    7. Trolley service made getting around Acadia easy.
    8. Proximity of grocery, food, fuel, was good.
    9. Coordination / Communication within the group was very good in leaving to activities / Dinner from the campground.
    10. We did not charge for extras, we used items and material we had previously or were available at little or no cost.

    1. Keystone was a no-show.
    2. Bangor based Keystone Dealer and new unit were a no-show
    2. Communication in attaining Bios for members to go into the rally booklet was not good / disjointed
    3. Most everybody had at least one Social Media Account per couple but I failed to get everyone on the message board.
    4. Smugglers Den was not easy to deal with this time to secure reservatons. Feed back supplied to Rain Holbrook.
    5. WiFi was anemic
    6. First time evolution putting booklets together, choppy and not where we hoped it would be. Tine still did an awesome job on it!
    7. First time evolution with a more mature group. Not sure what to expect or if we would meet expectations.

    So I go some of the things I am thinking of off my chest. How about you?

    How Can I / We be better at hosting a Rally? What was the good, bad , and Ugly!

    Thank you very much!!

    Fifth Wheel: 2015 Montana 3750FL Tow Vehicle: 2013 Ford F350 6.7L Lariat, Crew Cab. Eric and Tina

    First of all, Erick and Tina: You did a Great job with the rally. It was good to be with old friends and meet new friends.
    Pros: your list looks good to me.
    1. been to Acadia before about 40 years ago and it is still a great place to visit.
    2.Weather was great
    3.Eric and Tina, great job lining up things to do.
    4.Campground accomodated our larg rigs well.
    5.Bar Harbor Lobster Bake was excellent and very nicely done.
    6.Thanks to Keystone, Montana division, Mark Krol.
    7. Eric and Tina, Great job of coordination/communication

    The only con I can think of is those that could not make it to the rally will never realy know what they missed.
    See you all down the road.

    Arthur and Margaret Minor
    2014 Montana Big Sky 3850
    2013 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Denali with training wheels


      All rallies are different, so it's hard to compare. If they were all the same people wouldn't go. Having a rally in an area I've never been to was great. I saw new things and did new things. I like not having a lot of planned activities, but I like that the wagon master provided us information on many options for keeping busy. The Acadia area provided activities for those would can hike, canoe, bike, but the towns provided museums, restaurants, and tours for those who couldn't.

      Only having one meal where we had to cook made it easier. The Bar Harbor Lobster Bake dinner that Keystone provided was excellent. It was very nice we were the only ones at the venue that night. Made it special.

      The Shuttle bus was a big positive for getting around.

      We think having the rally booklets with attendees name and pictures help us old forgetful folks refresh our memory about people we haven't seen is a year or so. And to learn new members before we meet them. I know a lot of work go into the booklets. It would be great if there was a simpler way for us to have a database of our information that the wagon master could draw from in an automated fashion.

      Eric and Tina did a wonderful job with the Acadia rally and I can't think of very many negatives. Obviously in all endeavors things can be improved. I think the weather forced a lot of last minute changes, but that is expected with rallies.

      Enough rambling. Bottom line: a very excellent rally in a fun place.
      Jim Abernathy
      Holly Springs, NC
      2014 Ram 3500 LaramieĀ® 4x2 diesel dually crew-cab 3.73 axle, Reese R20
      2014 Montana 3402RL, Level UP, G614's, TST 507, Voyger Wireless Backup camera



        To start with, Eric and Tina did a sterling job as wagon masters. Thanks for hosting. I agree with all the pros from the previous posts. It was our first time at Acadia and we had a wonderful time with old and new friends. The weather couldn't have been better and the absence of bugs was a pleasant and welcome surprise. There was so much to do and see that we only touched the surface. Thanks to Mark Krol and Keystone for the lobster dinner. All in all, a wonderful time.
        2009 Keystone Montana 3665RE fifth wheel.
        2013 Ford F350 dually.


          You guys did an awesome job! It was a great area with plenty to do. We liked the flexibility to do some things on our own or with friends and some activities as a group. The booklet was great and helps me remember who is who... My memory isn't the best.

          A BIG thank you to Keystone for the seafood feast! It was amazing and Lobster Bake did a great job - kudos to them also!!!
          Anna & Jim Ottinger
          2014 Montana 3725RL
          2016 F350 4x4 Dually Crew Cab


            We haven't been to as many rallies as many of you, but Danny and I thought it was excellently organized... just enough organized activities (if wish to participate) and yet free-time to explore individually. Thought the campground was fantastic and loved the shuttle!
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              Eric and Tina did a fantastic job of putting this together. Thank You. Jackie and I had a wonderful time. all activities we participated in were fun and well organized. We really liked the shuttle bus. Not having to find parking was a plus. All said and done We had a very enjoyable time and have nothing to whine about.