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Understanding the forum and your mobile device.

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    Understanding the forum and your mobile device.

    This little write up was done using an Android device. I'm sure Apple is similar. If anyone wants to post some screen shots from an Apple device, I'm all for it.

    Some of you may not be taking full advantage of the forum when using your mobile device. Then again, maybe you are!

    For those members that may be having a little hard time navigating the forum, chances are you could be missing out on some cool things that other forums don't offer.

    So, let's begin...

    Below is the "Home" page. Notice to the left those 3 lines? That's a menu hidden under there. It is used to conserve space on a mobile device. Tap those 3 lines to open the menu.

    Menu 1.jpg

    Below are your menu choice's.

    First on the list is your "Search".
    Second is the "Home". Tapping that will bring you back to the Home page of the forum no matter where you are within the forum.
    Third is the "New Topics". Only the newest topics created will show up here. This is different than the "RECENT Discussions Since Your Last Visit". Recent discussions are members replying to any topic new or old.
    Forth is the "Videos". Here are videos that Keystone has put out and other videos of interest.
    Fifth is the "Members List". Here are all the members are listed.
    Sixth is the "Site Map". Here you will see a line by line list of everything the forum has to offer without all the clutter.

    Menu 2.jpg

    Next, below is the bottom of the forum. Again more handy hidden features!

    You will see "Go to". This is a drop down menu of choice's.

    Menu 3.jpg

    The choice's are similar to the top menu but have added a few more place's to see. They are pretty self exploratory.

    I will explain the "Go To Top".

    Again where ever you are in the forum, tapping "Go To Top" will take you to the very top of the page you are viewing at that time.

    This is not to be confused with the "Home" button which brings you all the way back to the forum's home page or the very start of the forum.

    Menu 5.jpg

    I hope this helps!
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    Scott L.
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    Thanks for the write up. I found it very helpful. Thanks , Montana Rover!

    After being on other forums, the Rovers have been the nicest and most helpful. Many thanks go out to everyone!

    The only downside is that not much happens on here but when it does itsi fantastic.
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      Thanks for the email and the quick tutoring
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          Thank you.


            every little bit helps when your my age thanks

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            2014 Keystone Montana 3400RL


              Finally had a moment to read your instructions! Thank you! Appreciate all the help!!!
              Donna Ziegler KB9NVJ
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