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Forum not secure issue.

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    Forum not secure issue.

    It was brought to my attention by a fellow member that the forum was saying it was not secure. See photo below.


    The forum was always secure. How do you know? By looking at the web address above. See the "S" in https://, that means your on a secure website. But then you ask, "What is causing the "Not secure" to appear in the beginning of the web address".

    It turns out that the forum had a couple of third party links that I have added and I left out that very same "S" as mentioned above. The system was smart enough to see this. After making my corrections, you can now see below that the forum now says we are secure.


    In summary. The forum was always very secure and be rest assured it will continue to be. It took a couple of programming "oops" on building external links to make the forum think it was not secure even when it truly was secure.

    Thank you for being a valued member!
    Scott L.
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    You da man!
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      Yeah, i saw that wasn't sure what it meant. Thanks

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        I'm feeling secure.....

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          Thanks for you efforts and trouble shooting!
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