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Is it me or does the forum seem...

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    Is it me or does the forum seem...

    not as active with new topics? Maybe just the holidays thing.
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    2013 - GMC 3500 diesel

    I thought I wasn’t seeing anything new because I was bein ostracized
    Solitude 379FL, Morryde IS, Dexter Brakes, Andersen hitch, Ram 3500 Crew Cab, DRW. I travel with wife, Marilyn and a couple Yorkie


      yep, I think only 2 new posts in 24 hours.
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      2013 Mountaineer 362


        Perhaps it's time to shutdown the forum.
        Scott L.
        2012 Ram 3500 Dually LongHorn
        2014 3402RL Legacy Edition


          Looks like this post had 43 people view it. You only got 2 replies. I like this forum. It may not have the traffic as other forums but the replies members get are always friendly and never rude.

          I can be blamed too, I only have 14 posts since my sign up!

          It would be sad to see it go. I guess people just don't care. Sorry for the rant.

          2013 Dodge Ram 3500
          2014 Keystone Montana 3400RL