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Get rid of the center hinged bathroom door

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    Get rid of the center hinged bathroom door

    On our 3720RL the center hinged bathroom door cannot be opened far enough to access the bathroom with the long slide out in. We just experienced a slide out problem that required access to the bedroom through the bathroom with the slide in, a task that required removal of the center hinged door. That feat required laying in the limited space on the hall floor between the closed slide and the bathroom wall while using a wrench to remove the bolt from the bottom door swivel mechanism. The top bolt was a bit more challenging. Moulding prevents access to the bolt from the outside, therefore the door has to be opened to the extent possible so that while standing outside you can maneuver the wrench from the inside. I'd suggest that Keystone please send a moderately to large framed technician to attempt the removal one of these doors with the slide in to understand what I've described. At our earliest opportunity we will have this door converted to standard hinges so that the bathroom can be accessed with the slide in.
    Don Lee
    Full timing with a Madison, SD domicile.

    2012 Ford F350 Lariat - DRW 6.7L Diesel
    2016 Montana Legacy 3720RL with 8 - 150w solar panels, charging three lithium ion smart batteries, 2800w inverter.

    The lack of access to the bathroom and fridge is one of the reasons that keep us happy with our 3402RL. So many of the floor plans have no access to critical areas without the slides out.
    Jim Abernathy
    Holly Springs, NC
    2014 Ram 3500 LaramieĀ® 4x2 diesel dually crew-cab 3.73 axle, Reese R20
    2014 Montana 3402RL, Level UP, G614's, TST 507, Voyger Wireless Backup camera




      Scott L.
      2012 Ram 3500 Dually LongHorn
      2014 3402RL Legacy Edition


        We have a 2017 3721 and one of the first mods we did was to convert the bath pivot door to be a regular hinged door that swings in up against the toilet.

        We love it and now our 3721 is the perfect floor plan.