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Winegard G2+ power inserter seems to have quit working

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    Winegard G2+ power inserter seems to have quit working

    Winegard G2+ power inserter seems to have quit working


    Our G2+ has ceased to function.

    With both the receiver and antenna cables disconnected I get the following.

    When I plug the power in to it the first light I get is the Voltage in light when I turn the power on I get the power on light and the antenna light. If I connect the receiver cable in the receiver light come on and I have all 4 lights without having the G2+ connected to the power inserter.

    I have inspected the antenna receptacle with a magnifying glass and have not observed anything to short the receptacle.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Phil P
    Phil P
    2009 Montana 3665RE
    2009 Silverado Durtamax DW Quad Cab Long bed
    as of 10/20/2016 have 90,000 miles on the Montana and 172,000 on the Silverado

    I have the G3. I bought it at Camping World beginning of May. I have had nothing but problems with the power inserter to the tune of they have sent me 2 plus the one that came with the dish. I don’t know how old yours is but I contacted Winegard and they sent out 1 after I told them I couldn’t get power to the dish. Check this by straightening out a paper clip and inserting it into the antenna end and put a meter ( black on outside threads and red to paper clip) on to see the voltage should be up around 20-22 if I remember correctly. Also mine was buzzing and ticking, which I could hear on the first one when close to it, the second I had to put to it up to my ear to hear it. The first replacement didn’t work so they sent me a second that one worked for about two weeks before it quit too. The one out of the box worked because I could hear it trying to find a satellite but then it stopped. After the third episode I just packed it up and will return to the Burlington, WA store once I get home next week. Was very time consuming and frustrating as had to deal with customs as I’m in Canada.